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About Minicoders

Why should kids learn coding?
Coding is, trully, one of the most simple ways for children to boost their problem-solving skills, also they develop the ability to bounce back after failure.
Can kids learn how to code while playing?
Of course, do you know the Montessori System, a famous game-based school technique that uses the play as a learning method? In the same way we use the Digital-Metaverse environment to teach kids the basic principles of Coding and Programming while they play an adventure game inside Roblox.
For which age range is Minicoders best suited?
Hope, inclusiveness, respect, friendship and Play-to-Learn. If your kids can turn on a tablet, a computer or a phone they’re ready to start with Minicoders. We like to say the core ages are between 7 and 12 years old.
Which courses can I see as part of my free trial?
Everything. The trial period does not come with limitations.
Is minicoders available in other languages?
Yes, right now you can access Minicoders in English and Spanish. 6 more languages coming soon and many more in the future.
What about the difficulty of the tasks?
The difficulty of the tasks is enough fo kids 7-12 to stretch but not harder enough to be impossible for them. Younger kids will find the educational videos in the apps and the virtual assistant very helpful when stuck in a logic challenge.

About suscriptions

About suscriptions
Without a subscription your kids can play-to-learn some of our Roblox game experiences like Magic School /m21, however parents miss the parental control while kids miss the educational content and the vivrtual assistant that strengthens their potential learning. In the basic subscription tier you will get access to Parental Control and kids will get the educational Apps. The 2nd subscription tier enabled the Virtual Assistant in the Kids Apps (Minicoders Kids). Then, the ultimate subscription tier enables access to all our game experiences including real person tutors in game.
How do I purchase a subscription?
You just have to click on any “Free trial” or “Subscribe” button, choose the plan that fits you and go ahead. You can upgrade or cancel at any moment.
How many children may I register per account?
All your kids, even you will have a discount for each extra member you register with us
How often will I be billed?
Currently all our plans are billed monthly. In the near future there will be the possibility to pay a year ahead with a discount.
How do I cancel my subscription?
To cancel your subscription you just have to access your profile preferences / subscription / cancel, and follow the instructions

About Technical Questions & Security

What do Minicoders do to protect safety and privacy?
Roblox is COPPA and FTC approved, meaning it is a company that cares a lot about child safety across all of their experiences. We could not find a better metaverse platform where to locate our play-to-learn experiences made for kids.
Do Minicoders collect any private data on my child?
Minicoders collects no personal information about the players except for their nicknames, avatars, and learning progress on Roblox. You can read more about our Privacy Policy here.
Do minicoders allow any communication between players?
Communication among players cannot happen in the Minicoders Kids Apps. In our game experiences in Roblox, communication can happen under the Roblox Privacy policy.
Does the app work on a tablet?
Yes, our Minicoders Kids apps are available for iOS and Android devices. Roblox clients are also available for iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows PCs and Macs.