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$4.99 / month
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For the little ones: the Minicoders kids Companion App. An educational video tutorial guide that show kids all what they need to complete the in game challenges to consolidate learning.
For the parents: Parental website to track your child's learning progress, and other details such as coding concepts learned and collaboration level.
$12.69 / month
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Every Silver benefit: the Minicoders Companion App and Parental Website, plus:
Voice enabled Virtual Assistant chat bot to provide kids with the answers they need in real time.
$35.55 / month
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Every Gold benefit: the Minicoders Companion App, Parental Website, and Virtual Assistant, plus:
Interaction with an in-game personal tutor, who will offer further guidance to your kids.
Access to the Platinum Private Roblox Server.

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See why kids love minicoders!


We have seen nothing like Minicoders. None before connected educational apps made for kids with a virtual assistant that real time helps kids resolve the logic puzzles available in the game platforms kids love the most. Impressive !

EdTech Specialist


I am loving Magic School in Roblox !


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Prepare your kids with the skills of the today’s digital world

A coding Adventure
Learning becomes an adventure where students have to solve coding challenges at their own pace collaborating and competing with friends when they wish.
The Power of Play
Play based learning allows creativity and problem solving skills to grow. Kids learn how to code without even realizing it!
21st Century Skills
Our fun and interactive games keep your child engaged while developing 21-st century skills like problem solving, resilience, creativity, collaboration and logical thinking.
Game experiences designed to engage all genres, dictation based virtual assistant, voice based games... to help everyone progress.
Track your child’s progress
Follow how your child is excelling

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